How have we gone this long without adding Rashida Jones to the “Crush” list? She’s a sophisticated, smokin’ hot babe who is also funny as hell.

Jones stars in the hit NBC sitcom ‘Parks and Recreation,’ where she competes for the title of hottest cast member with Aubrey Plaza and Rob Lowe (What? The man is pretty! Women want him, men want to be him … sometimes).

The talented actress is also a screenwriter, singer and comic book writer. How did she get so talented? She’s the daughter of Quincy Jones, the successful mega hit producer, so that may have something to do with it.

Jones has appeared in some of our favorite TV shows and flicks over the past few years, including ‘The Office,’ ‘Wilfred,’ ‘The Social Network,’ and ‘I Love You, Man.’

She’ll return to ‘Parks’ this fall, helping make TV land a much more beautiful place. You can also catch her in the upcoming big screen drama ‘Decoding Annie Parker,’ opening later this year.