Conventional wisdom dictates that if you mess with the bull, you’re gonna get the horns. Well, The Big Easy Rollergirls are sharpening their horns –er, their skate blades- in order to replicate the world famous Encierro aka Running of the Bulls, which normally unfolds in Pamplona, Spain.

The Running of the Bulls takes place within the context of a larger event, dubbed San Fermin in Nueva Orleans (SFNO), from July 13 through July 15 at the Champion Square at The Mercedes-Benz Superdome Sugar Bowl Drive in New Orleans, Louisiana. This year’s Running of the Bulls is scheduled for July 14.

Instead of being chased by ripping and snorting bulls in this Americanized version of a Spanish event, you get chased by tough chicks on roller skates who are less likely to be out for blood and look a lot more attractive than a pissed off steer.  Roller derby girls from all over the country will be in town participating in the event.

The 2011 event saw 14,000 participants chased by over 350 RollerBulls. This is the event’s sixth year and they are expecting an increase in numbers, hoping to pull in 400 RollerBulls. Registration info is here.

Check out these hot pics from last year.