Though the Wii U has been a pretty substantial hit, the console isn't without its issues. Nintendo says it is looking into improving the Wii U's performance.

In a new Japanese Nintendo Direct video correspondence, company president Satoru Iwata addressed the Wii U's slow performance. As The Verge reported, Iwata claimed the company was aware of the persistent problem of lengthy load times when switching applications, and would work to implement a solution.

Iwata also discussed the massive patch needed to run the Wii U properly when first hooked up, and indicated that issue would also be addressed. Unfortunately, the one thing Iwata neglected to mention was a timeframe for any updates or patches.

The good news for Nintendo is these issues haven't stopped the Wii U from selling at an impressive clip since it launched in November. Until the company formally announces when the software will be updated however, we'll just have to take Iwata at his word.