Motley Crue's The End film is bound to be a "must-see," but bassist Nikki Sixx isn't exactly happy with some of the coverage leading up to the film. Drummer Tommy Lee recently made headlines stating that the band members didn't even say goodbye to one another after their final show, and additional media attention was focused on the band dysfunction after the band spoke openly about it in interviews in screeners of the film. But Sixx feels there's been too much focus on the drama and not enough on the passion of the band.

In a Facebook posting, Sixx addressed his concern over the media coverage for the film, stating, "You can't wrap up a 35-year career with a couple sounds bites to get attention for your websites and programming," and adding that there is much more to the film than the dramatic elements mined from the interviews. His full statement can be read below.

Motley Crüe has always been about passion. We did things our way and ended it honestly "Our Way".The press has obviously seen a screener of our last show THE END and is only using the parts of interviews that push drama for them and aren't concerned with the millions of fans and the beauty of our last show together. You can't wrap up a 35 year career with a couple sounds bites to get attention for your websites and programming. THE END is a combination of everybody's hard from production people, crews, managers,agents and the band but the most important aspect is the fans.
There is a whole story here to be told through music and lyrics. Can't wait for it to come out so we can get back to the music and show. Thank you. Nikki

So while you will get some of the headline-making remarks about the band's personal relationships, the film will also provide a powerful coda to Motley Crue's touring career. The End film centers on the final performance in Los Angeles on New Year's Eve in which the massive "Final Tour" and four decade career on the road came to its conclusion. The End film will screen in theaters across the country on June 14. Get details here.

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