A good week for Motörhead fans just got even better! The band has already offered up a full stream of the band's new album 'Aftershock,' and now you can get your visual fix of Lemmy Kilmister and crew with the heart-stopping new video for the single, 'Heartbreaker' (watch above). 

The video, courtesy of Rolling Stone, starts off with a young man reaching for the remote, which sits atop a vinyl copy of 'Aftershock,' and turning on the TV. The screen revels the band playing 'Heartbreaker' to a raucous crowd as they pummel eardrums with their brand of "everything louder than everything else."

The video bounces back and forth between Motörhead playing a concert and the young man feverishly sketching various drawings that are then animated. Towards the end, the young man starts paying more attention to his TV and is air-drumming along to the song. The video ends with a snake of Ouroboros transforming into a sun, the band taking a bow on stage, and the screen goes blank.

'Aftershock' will be Motörhead's 21st studio album and is sure to once again please fans around the world. The album is out Oct. 22 on UDR Music and there is still time to place your pre-orders on a limited edition digipack, a regular CD, and 180 gram single-disc gatefold vinyl.