The guys in Metallica must be enjoying their stint as shoe designers at Vans, because they've just expanded their upcoming line of special edition sneakers with the last installment now arriving next spring.

As announced in July, the band is collaborating with Vans on a limited run of shoes timed to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their landmark album 'Kill 'Em All' -- but instead of two designs, as previously planned, they're rolling out a third.

Rolling Stone reports that two of the shoes will "feature the hand-and-hammer motif" from the cover of 'Kill 'Em All,' while the third is "detailed with a stylized tongue tag" and embossed with lyrics from the album track 'Motorbreath.'

It sounds like the Metallica/Vans line will be rolled out in stages, with the Vans x Metallica 20th Anniversary Half Cab Pro arriving in October, another collection arriving in February, and what RS is calling the ''Kill 'Em All pack" following in March.

Metallica bassist Rob Trujillo expressed his enthusiasm in a press release, saying, "I've been wearing Vans onstage my whole freakin' career, and way before that." Pro skater Steve Cabellero, who acted as co-designer, added, "To have Metallica, my all-time favorite metal band, collaborating with me on this 20th anniversary Half Cab shoe is an honor and a dream come true."