On any non-Nintendo system, we take it for granted when downloadable patches erase embarrassing bugs. But the Big N has been slow to creep out of the stone age and fix its mistakes, which is why we were overjoyed to hear that Nintendo would be patching a cheap exploit that ruins online play in Mario Kart 7.

Nintendo Life was the first to scream from the hills that Nintendo had finally released the downloadable update, which stops the rampant cheating on the Wuhu Mountain Loop course.

To get the patch, log on to the Nintendo e-Shop and tap the Mario Kart 7 update icon, which should be front and center. Nintendo being Nintendo, the patch doesn’t come easy, with the system forcing you to download a mandatory update before you snag the fix.

All in all, the patching took us three or four minutes. That’s well behind Xbox 360 fixes, which usually take less than a minute, and as good or better than Sony downloads, which can take up to 10 minutes.

The ladies say we’re known to be 10-minute guys ourselves, on a good day.