If you've ever been on public transportation, you know your senses can be assaulted. Here are few of the experiences I've had on public transportation:

  • Had a guy sitting next to me who decided he really didn't want to throw out the rest of his cigarette, so kept the half burnt one in his ear.
  • There was a lady next to me that I'm guessing hadn't showered since the first Bush administration.
  • Got to hear a guy on the phone talk (very loudly) about the date he recently had and apparently it ended well, because I got to hear him yell "I f##### her good man!" over and over again.

Apparently in Bremerton, WA, they are pretty strict about being able to ride the bus. You can get banned for reeking of cat urine, human feces and bad body odor, among other bad smells. Well, you can now slap skunky weed on that list. Matthew Little was recently banned from riding the bus for 6 months because his weed was so pungent.

“From time to time, I smell like I just smoked some marijuana probably because I just did," he said.