A little over a week ago, John Oliver did an an absolutely fantastic piece covering Donald Trump, on Last Week Tonight. You can watch the full piece below.

Now one thing that stuck out was the whole "Drumpf" part. And yes, they are actually selling "Make Donald Drumpf Again" hats, but there's one problem. No, it's not Donald Trump suing them. Although I can't imagine that's actually very far from happening. It's the fact that they are completely sold out of them.

At last check, they had sold 35,000 of the hats and apparently weren't ready for such a demand. “Due to, um, unexpected ludicrous demand, our #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain hats may be delayed slightly; we’ll get them to you as soon as drumpishly possible," says a post on the show's online store.

There is also a Chrome extension that will change any online reference of Trump to Drumpf. That extension, has been downloaded more than 433,000 times.