Joan Jett is suing Hot Topic, the mall staple and retail chain that caters to kids with its rock music-inspired fashion, for copyright infringement. Apparently the store's new Blackheart lingerie line bears more than a passing resemblance to the name of Jett's old band, as well as her style.

As TMZ reports, Jett's Blackheart Records has filed a lawsuit against Hot Topic for infringing on the Blackheart name -- which has been used by Jett going all the way back to her hit 1981 album 'I Love Rock 'n' Roll.'

The recently launched line of bras and panties sells itself as "lingerie for girls who rock and roll." That means plenty of black and leather items. All of which Jett's record company claims is a clear trademark infringement on the Blackheart name.

Blackheart Records is demanding compensation for damages, which are unspecified, plus an injunction to block any further sale of lingerie under the Blackheart name.