Islander have become one of 2014's breakout bands, due in part to the recent success of the single 'Coconut Dracula' off of the group's 'Violence & Destruction' album. With so much interest in their single, the band has filmed a guitar play-thru video letting aspiring guitarists get a closer look at the song's licks. Check out the play-thru video, which is exclusively debuting here at Loudwire.

Guitarist Andrew Murphy offers insights into the playing in the video featured above, while you can get an uninterrupted look at the playing in the video posted below. Murphy reveals of the opening, "We needed a good intro because we couldn't just start with the verse. We needed something to build up and then drop off." He also reveals how some of the pieces of the song came together and how some tapping and octave techniques added something extra to the track.

The guitarist is also big on the dynamics of the song, explaining at one point, "Dynamics make the song. It makes everything … There has to be an ebb and flow. There has to be a mood and 'Coconut Dracula' is incredibly moody cause it's very dynamic. It's picks up and it drops off, changes keys and actually smacks you in the face at one point."

If you like what you hear and want to explore more, the 'Violence & Destruction' album is currently available at both Amazon and iTunes. You can also look for the band joining Otherwise and Like a Storm on tour dates this fall. To see their full itinerary, click here.

See Islander's 'Coconut Dracula' Guitar Play-Thru Video