While many left Iowa after Monday's presidential caucus feeling like winners, we think the real winner of the night is Drake University student Peter Clinkscale, a Drake University student positioned behind Hillary Clinton during her speech who quickly became known across the Internet as #StickerKid.

Clinkscale told Mashable that he's an undecided voter who wanted to see a presidential candidate speak so he attended Clinton's event.

It was his behavior with stickers, however, that made him stand out:

Clinkscale, who, according to his Twitter bio is "a simple man. I like pretty, dark-haired women and breakfast food"

After being warmly embraced by the Internet, Clinkscale posted a tweet saying he's selling his remaining stickers for $35,000 each, although given his prankster-like nature, we suspect he may not be all that serious (unless a complete idiot makes an offer).