Ready for some yuletide cheer, denizens of Tyria? ArenaNet is set to launch its Guild Wars 2 holiday event.

Guild Wars 2, one of our 25 Best Games of 2012, is getting a wintery makeover starting tomorrow. IGN posted a few of the changes and additions that will go into effect, most of which can be found scheduled on the event's official site.

Some of the highlights include a host of new items, weapon skins, and gear that can be found in The Black Lion Trading Company's in-game store. But perhaps the biggest feature of this holiday event is the traveling toymaker, Tixx. The Asuran toymaker will be a guest in the city of Lion's Arch, but will travel around to all of the game's major cities to deliver toys, just like a tiny, Tyrian version of Santa Claus.

Players will be able to board Tixx's airship and participate in group-based instances that will lead to the big Toypocalypse event. The Toypocalypse will have players working together to fight waves of berserk toys that are bent on destroying Tixx's workshop.

Check out the video below for a look at Tixx and his airborne workshop, then visit the official site for the full schedule of Wintersday events.