A New York City subway platform may seem like an odd place for a hoedown, but that's the nature of Williamsburg, Brooklyn these days. A recent video has gone viral thanks to a little girl dancing to 'Me and My Uncle,' a song popularized by the Grateful Dead.

The two-minute clip, which is embedded above, was recorded at the Bedford Ave. stop in Williamsburg, where Coyote & Crow were busking for passengers waiting for the L train. Since being uploaded on Dec. 4, the video has racked up more than 6.5 million views.

'Me and My Uncle' was written by John Phillips of the Mamas and Papas and recorded by Judy Collins in 1964. In the liner notes to his 'Phillips 66' CD, he said that he wrote it in an Arizona hotel while drinking tequila with Collins, Stephen Stills and Neil Young present. It was only after he started receiving royalty checks that he became aware of the song's existence.

The Grateful Dead never recorded a studio version, but it became a staple of their concerts. Experts say they performed it more than any other song, with DeadBase saying they played it 616 times.

According to Coyote & Crow's website, they are a married couple who "play a mash up of folk-Americana, bluegrass, old-time mountain music with a big influence from '60s-'70s classic rock'n'roll. Sticking to traditional jug band roots, we play homemade and modified instruments."

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