I've helped out on my fair share of home projects with my buddies. And by "help out" I mean I would stand around and drink beer until someone told me something to do. But that's what happens when all your friends work in some sort of construction job. Whether it be the guys who sold the lumber, like me, or the builders who bought it.

But I can honestly say we've never found anything as cool as this. Plumber, Alif Babul, was working on a house in Calgary when he and his new employee, Dean Meteri, notice something shiny in a pile of rubble. He went to scoop it up with the shovel and noticed it was unusually heavy.

After they dusted it off, they noticed it was a brick of gold about the size of a cell phone. They did some research on it and valued the brick at around $50,000. This isn't the first item Babul has ever found while working in construction, but no matter what they find, it gets returned. And Babul and Meteri did the right thing and returned the gold brick to the home owners. Babul's best guess is that the brick was stored somewhere near the house's jacuzzi and had moved through time from the vibrations of the motor.