It looks like both the protagonist and main villain of Far Cry 4 are coping with some mommy issues.

Ubisoft has released an exclusive interview with Ubiblog from E3 last month which features executive producer Dan Hay explaining a little bit of the background of both Ajay Ghale and the tyrannical Pagan Min. While it's already known that Ajay has returned to Kyrat to distribute his mother's ashes throughout their homeland, what we didn't know were the maternal issues Pagan Min has. Ghale's parents were leaders of the Kyratese rebellion, which inadvertently helped Min ascend to his evil rule. This is why Pagan Min acted rather nice to Ajay throughout the E3 trailer of Far Cry 4.

Hay explains that Pagan Min's Prince-like purple suit is a tribute to his presumably deceased mother. The ensemble might give him a sense of flamboyance and charm, but the Joker reminds us that we should never trust anyone wearing a purple suit, and Pagan Min is no exception.

On Nov. 18, Far Cry 4 will take us to Kyrat on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.