The limited possession and cultivation of marijuana by adults over the age of 21 was recently legalized in our nation's capital and one man is profiting from the nerdy politician types not knowing how to roll up and smoke a fatty.

The D.C. School of Mary Jane was founded by a man named Ryan, who said, for $100, he or another of the company's instructors will come to your home with a pipe and presentation to teach you and up to three friends how to consume, smoke, eat or vape weed and also share recommendations for acquiring it, although they don't actually provide the pot.

According to the school's website, "After years spent traveling, experimenting, and studying Marijuana, both at home and abroad, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge we would like to share with you. Our workshops are specially designed by professional educators to help you understand your legal rights, health risks/benefits, best practices and culture in the comfort of your own home." reported that Ryan said he's had overwhelming positive responses since launching the school about a month ago.

"My inbox is swamped every day with questions," he said. And résumés, I imagine.

While only one class — Marijuana 101 — is currently available on the company's website, more are coming soon, including Edibles 101, Painting and a workshop listed only as Adult Field Trips (board the bus for Taco Bell and the Pink Floyd laser show, y'all!).