Every month XBOX Live releases a couple games to download for free. They're the full game, it's not a ruse to get you to download something so you end up paying later. And every month I'll check out what's available. If the something even remotely peaks my interest, I'll download it. You can always delete it.

This month I downloaded The Wolf Among Us. And this one is hands down the best game XBOX Live has provided so far. It's made by Telltale Games, which also makes The Walking Dead games. It's basically a choose your own adventure style game and surprisingly addictive.

I finished the game this past weekend and am already playing through it a second time. You are constantly making decisions, and there are some that drastically change the storyline of the game. Your choices then change how characters react to you, options that are available later, and even whether or not people die.

It's one thing to have a great game that's fun to play. It's another thing when a game is so good that the first run through is fun, but you can go back, and have a completely different experience with the game. If you have XBOX Live, download this game now, you will not regret it. And chances are you'll want to download some of The Walking Dead games as well.

And by the way, this game is NOT for kids. It might be able children's stories and fables, but it is not kid friendly.