Champagne Facials‘ is the brainchild of elite event photographer Kirill. We’ve clearly indicated our envy of Terry Richardson, but while Terry’s shoots are usually one-on-one and more intimate, Kirill’s in the trenches, mixing it up at the most ridiculous parties with the hottest women. 

He’s also got a knack for poppin’ bottles on models, which when captured in still form reminds us of climactic scenes from some of our favorite movies.

So, while we’re out there spraying cans of Bud all over the place like Rod Farva from Super Troopers, Kirill keeps it classy with champers. These Champagne Facial pictures don’t exactly look like the photos we snap after a crazy night at Shenanigans either.

Girls love the bubbly, and after seeing pics upon pics of them enjoying said jolly juice, we fully expect sales of Moet and Dom P to skyrocket.