We believe this model’s rack is either owned and operated by a group of fashion thugs in New York City, or a small alien nation just outside of Boise, Idaho.

To be quite honest, the jury is still out on that one folks.

The truth is we are not entirely sure if this cleavage actually belongs to the human race, or the same twisted group of mad scientists responsible for genetically engineering other virtual female anomalies like Grace Jones, Sinead O’ Connor, and RuPaul.

In fact, if it was possible for a pair of shoes, a bottle of vodka, and a pair of glasses to have a love child – we are convinced that this chick would be the product of that eccentric orgy.

What we can tell you is that this Boise alien type thing has made a few cameo appearances in some music videos for artists like Massive Attack, Young Jeezy, and Nicki Minaj, as well as done a PSA or two for the NOH8 Campaign.