Kurt Cobain died on this day back in 1994. I actually remember exactly where I was when I found out. I was in a rec hall at Oregon State University for Odyssey of the Mind, when Kurt Loder came on MTV News to make the announcement. If you don't know what Odyssey of the Mind is, you can find out here. Yes, I was a nerd. But this shouldn't surprise you at this point.

And despite today being the day Kurt Cobain died, since 2002, I always remember it as the day Layne Staley died. I've always been more of an Alice In Chains and Layne Staley fan anyway. And I remember where I was when I found out Layne Staley died. I was in college working for our radio station when the news came through. I think I played two straight hours of Alice In Chains on my show that day. So, to commemorate the life and music of Layne Staley, here are my top 5 songs, in no particular order.

  • Alice In Chains - Don't Follow
  • Alice In Chains - I Stay Away
  • Alice In Chains - Angry Chains
  • Mad Season - Wake Up
  • Class of '99 - Another Brick In The Wall