If you're planning on cashing in on that World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor pre-order and getting that new level 90 character, then these videos are for you.

Blizzard has just posted 11 new videos offering introductory courses in how to play every class of World of Warcraft at level 90. Most players who reach level 90 the traditional way should already be familiar with the skills, talents, gear and mechanics of that class, but Blizzard's new level 90 boost service allows you to upgrade one new character to max level instantly.

Starting a class you're unfamiliar with at level 90 can be a bit overwhelming, so Blizzard has offered these videos to introduce players to the fundamental, damage-dealing specializations for each class. We're sure that some of you wish to have coaching videos for tanking or healing classes, but Blizzard has chosen to make these videos for damage-dealing classes to offer a basic level of survivability and functionality.