Former congressman Anthony Weiner cannot physically stop himself from sending D-picks to random women. He couldn't resist doing it after it cost him his career as a congressman, he couldn't resist when it cost him a chance to become mayor of New York and now, the latest indignity, he couldn't resist it when his 5 year old son came and climbed into bed next to him.


Weiner was in the middle of swapping sexy tweets with a random divorcee on the west coast. At 3 FREAKING A.M. his kid crawls into bed with him. Anyone with any parental instincts would have put his dong away and ended his tweet-sexting. Not our boy, Weiner. No sir.

This degenerate takes another pic of his shmeckle with the kid in-frame!!! This is on the same level of poor parenting as the hooker who comes home and kisses her kid on the lips without Listerine-gargling the remnants of her last client out of her mouth. It shows what I know for thinking Anthony Weiner couldn't get more disgusting.

Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin, is, by all accounts, a lovely woman. She's smart, highly educated and accomplished and very attractive. Anthony, on the other hand, resembles the baby velociraptor that John Hammond coaxes from it's egg in Jurassic Park. How Huma ended up with this schmuck is beyond me but I suppose I could say the same thing about her choice of boss.

Maybe Weiner was in some way doomed to this destructive pattern of behavior. As if having the name "Weiner" somehow predestined him to be controlled by his...weiner. It would be like if a serial-arsonist had the last name "Burnsstuff". It's like it's part of his identity.

Here's the trailer for the documentary Weiner, a critically-acclaimed movie that follows the disgraced Weiner as he attempts to rehab his image and run for mayor of NYC. This attempt actually began on a positive note as many New Yorkers seemed genuinely willing to give the guy a second chance. That is, until the evidence of his continued online d***-pic-ing emerged (does the name Carlos Danger ring a bell). As you watch this cringe worthy trailer for a cringe worthy film about a cringe worthy man, bear in mind that he was still doing this at least up until a couple days ago with his 5 year old son in bed with him at the same time! That Weiner...what a tool.