Alba’s a 27 year old model and biologist from Scottsdale, Arizona that comes to us courtesy of The Babe Spot.

She was a discus thrower on scholarship in college and currently speaks Spanish. Hopefully, she knows that Ron Burgundy doesn’t speak Spanish – he’s got a sequel coming out and we wouldn’t want to confuse him. That ended badly last time.

Her passions include martial arts, crossfit and monster trucks. Come to think of it, that’s not a bad idea for a show. Like ‘Wipeout’ on steroids and years of intense training with nunchucks.

Age: 27 | Location: Scottsdale, AZ | Ht: 5’8″ | Wt: 128 lbs | Measurements: 34C-27-36

The Babe Spot

The Babe Spot

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