I'm not quite sure how I feel about this, but it apparently exists. A company in Vermont is offering urns that have been made using 3D imaging techniques to look like the person whose ashes are contained within. Seriously, check out the article here.

Prices for the urns range from $600 to $2,600. The urn doesn't come with hair (shocking, right?) but you can add a wig if you'd like.

Now my first thought when I read about this was the Governor and his wall of zombie heads, a la The Walking Dead. Granted they're not zombies, but still, realistic 3D statue heads of deceased loved ones seems like a bit much. But hey, to each their own.

Even Jeff Staab, the creator of the urns and owner of Cremation Solutions admits "I don't sell a lot of them, they look so real. They are also very expensive but I cannot help that, I would like to sell more."

If you'd like to order one, head on over here.