This Friday, July 5th, colorful candies will be thrown to families from an array of festive and patriotic floats that will make their way down a winding route throughout the Baptist Retirement Community campus. The annual parade is a community wide event for residents, staff members and the public to enjoy.The parade will have a special float for all the veterans in the community. They will dress in their uniforms and ride together waving to the entire crowd. The fire department and civic organizations throughout San Angelo will take part in the patriotic celebration. There will also be floats for the different facets of the senior living community, and floats for the array of groups and organizations that Baptist Retirement Community offers. The parade will feature everyone and every aspect of the campus.

The parade is this Friday, July 5th and will begin at 9:30 a.m. The parade will start at the Henley-Mabee High Rises and wind its way through the campus ending where the parade initially started. After the parade, the community will be serving hot dogs at the Main Street Café. Baptist Retirement Community welcomes all families and people in San Angelo and surrounding areas to partake in the fun. The theme of the parade is “Hope Shines Here.”

For more information about Baptist Retirement Community, please visit the community website at or call (325) 655-7391.