Zbay is NOT about shopping while intoxicated. It’s about shopping while under the influence of powerful prescription sleep aids. But, as we found out from a recent survey, there are more than a few Americans who do some on-line shopping while good and liquored up. The study says that last year alone Americans spent just shy of 40 BILLION dollars while drunk. I can only hope that most of that shopping is online because the idea of people getting hammered and then deciding they need to run to Wal-mart is beyond chilling. It would explain a lot about the people of Wal-Mart , however.

Brandon and Joanna join me on this episode of "Zbay." No alcoholic beverages were consumed in the making of the following video. Some of the highlights include an incredibly detailed globe, a tool that not one single cast member could identify, glasses that Joanna decided are for her cat because they're tiny and Avengers-themed team-building jewelry. It’s ZBay time!



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