We’ve got another Zakk Wylde Hello Kitty performance to share with you. This time around, the legendary axeman performs a new song, “Autumn Changes,” off his upcoming solo album Book of Shadows II.

This is the third installation of our Hello Kitty Sessions clips. First, we had Mike Portnoy play a ‘Name That Tune’ set on a Hello Kitty drum kit, which went viral across the internet. Then, Zakk Wylde picked up a Hello Kitty mini-guitar to perform Black Sabbath’s classic anthem “N.I.B.” Now, Zakk has taken to the children’s toy to jam a soulful rendition of “Autumn Changes.”

“Autumn Changes” is the opening track off Book of Shadows II, but as of this posting, the song is not yet available for download. So why wait? You can hear Zakk’s mellow new cut right here! Like Zakk’s version of “N.I.B.,” the guitar icon manages to make the Hello Kitty axe sound damn good from the very beginning, proving that soul comes from within the player rather than the instrument.

Be sure to check out this exclusive performance of “Autumn Changes.” Zakk Wylde’s Books of Shadows II will see an April 8 release date. You can pre-order the album now and get an instant download of the tracks “Lost Prayer” and “Sleeping Dogs,” so head over to iTunes and get your Zakk fix asap!

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