If you wanted to, you could have signed up for Disney+ early. But if you wanted the package deal with Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu, you needed to wait until the official launch.

I jumped all over this package deal because I want all three of those streaming services, but there was just one problem. I already had a Hulu account. The commercial free Hulu account by the way. Do I need to cancel the Hulu that I already have? It uses the same email account, how do I switch?

Disney has this covered. If you already have a Hulu account and use the same email address, here is what the website says to answer this question:

I am an existing Hulu subscriber and eligible to buy the Disney bundle. How do I sign up?


You will need to sign up for the Disney bundle through Disney, using the email address associated with your existing Hulu subscription. When you sign up, you will have new Disney+ and ESPN+ accounts, along with your existing Hulu account. You will continue to be billed for your existing Hulu subscription as usual. You will continue to be billed by Hulu for your existing Hulu subscription, and so long as you keep your existing Hulu account, Disney will give you a credit towards your Disney bundle purchase in the amount of $5.99 per month (the value of the Hulu (ad supported) plan included in the Disney bundle).

It's pretty simple, you'll get a $5.99 credit if you want the Hulu without commercials.

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