If your West Coast roadtrip plans take you anywhere in the vicinity of Hollywood Boulevard, maybe ask Siri to reroute you, on account of a giant X-Wing fighter that’s just materialized in the middle of the road. Well, it didn’t exactly come out of nowhere — this is all ahead of Los Angeles’ Rogue One premiere on Saturday at the Pantages Theater. Had you forgotten that this movie was coming out?? Not anymore, sucka! Now there’s a giant spaceship between you and your favorite avocado toast cafe.

Variety reports roads have been closed on Hollywood Boulevard between Ivar Ave. and Vine St. and between Vine and Argyle Ave., to make room for the ship. It arrived late Wednesday afternoon, and fans immediately swarmed to the area to get some photos.

It’s like Lucasfilm is saying, “Too much CGI, eh? Want some practical effects, eh? Well, how do you like THIS?” As if LA traffic wasn’t already the worst, now we have the Rebel Alliance to deal with. And here I was thinking these people were supposed to be the good guys!

The model looks practically operational, with a windshield that opens up and some dirt and grime on the outside to make it look worn in. It even stands on three feet like it’s supposed to!

Aww, look, they put some tarps on it so it wouldn’t get wet.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story premieres in LA on Saturday, and hits theaters in the rest of the nation December 16.