If you walk with Elias, chances are you’ll wanna play air guitar with Eric Bugenhagen. Last night, the rock ’n’ roll spaz debuted on WWE’s NXT brand, captivating the audience before his match even began.

Eric Bugenhagen is your annoying ‘70s rock friend dialed up to a thousand… so unashamed of his maddening antics that somehow he becomes endearing, and ultimately, a part of your crew forever. The only way Bugenhagen’s gimmick could have worked was with 110-percent commitment, and he stuck the landing perfectly.

The wrestler shrieked like King Diamond on his way to the ring, air drumming his way down the ramp to face Drew Gulak:

Once he got into the ring, Bugenhagen jammed air drums and guitar to the disgust of his opponent:

The swol soloist even rocked some keyboard on the ring ropes:

Despite losing his match to Gulak, Eric Bugenhagen’s debut was a rousing success. NXT even sent the wrestler back out for an encore performance:

“I looked at it the same way I did when I was a frontman of my band in high school,” Bugenhagen said after his match. “It’s all or nothing. You go out there, you got your six-string, you got your microphone in front of you and it’s time to roooooooooock!”

You’ll either love or hate Eric Bugenhagen, but you certainly won’t forget him.

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