We are creeping up on the Oct. 18th show and The Rock is excited to give away these tickets for the midland show! If you haven't entered to win the contest you can enter below.

We will have winners every Friday until the date of the show. Our first winner is...

Deon Aylor:

Been a fan of Chevelle since the late 90's, that's when I devoted myself to loving ROCK again! Chevelle knows how to bring it every couple of years with their new albums. I would like to see them in concert for the 1st time especially w/ Disturbed... because I'm 'Down With The Sickness' Cant wait to see Nothing More again, they give a great performance and I LOVE the drum-a-tron showcase they do. I would be so very grateful to win those tickets... Love my station The ROCK!

Jessi Watts:

I'm recently married and my husband has been a huge disturbed and Chevelle fan. We were unable to have a Honeymoon due to finances. Getting tickets would be more wonderful than going on any honeymoon, and a wonderful way to celebrate our marriage.

Amanda Good:

Though I be but a level 27 human, I have no levels in concert going. Can you imagine how much experience seeing Disturbed alone would be? Why, I could take a new feat with just them! All three of those bands? My gods! This is surely an epic quest! And having my favorite radio station as my patron to send me off on this would surely bring hope to all other low leveled humans. For the glory of rock!

Jacob Fernadez:

I want to go see all 3 of these bands because I love all 3. Disturbed is my 2nd favorite band in the world behind Metallica. Chevelle has been a great band to me for awhile now and I love the way their sound is. Very unique. And I am yet to see them and I think it would be nice to go see them and see how badass of a show they can put on. And I have seen Nothing More twice when they were touring with Shinedown last year and I think they did an awesome job both times and I would love to go see them again cause of how good they were. So yeah it would be awesome to be chosen as the winner of this cause of how big of a fan I am of all 3 bands and I would have a blast going to the show since it is so close to San Angelo. So hope I win if not I will just keep on rocking on. Thank you. \m/ rock on forever!

Adam Santillan:

The first rock album i ever purchased was the sickness. Then believe, ten thousand fists, and so on. I buy every album when they come out. To see them live would definitely be a dream come true!

Terrie Dickson:

Disturbed is one of my husband's favorites and Chevelle is one of mine. We have been going to concerts for the last 15 years together. CHEVELLE and Evanescence in Lubbock is my all time favorite. October 18th is my husband's 38th birthday and it would be a great surprise for him.

Angela Fernandez:

From the first time I saw Disturbed play on Animal Farm I was hooked. They played Stupify and it was such a unique sound. I would love to win tickets since this show is actually close by and we don't get shows of this magnitude very often. This is also my last year for going to concerts due to having MS. So I hope I can win tickets and if not I will still find a way to go.

Dain Smith:

I have never had the opportunity to see disturbed before. When deployed to Iraq we always jammed to disturbed before we went on patrols and convoys and I kept us sane and ready to fight. I have seen Chevelle once before in North Carolina in 2005 after a tough deployment and their concert helped us blow off some steam and have a great time in the pit. I would love to see this show and just let loose. Thanks for the opportunity!!

Nick Garcia:

My very first "real" concert was Korn with Chevelle supporting on an Ozzfest off-date. At the time "Wonder What's Next" had just released with Korn being my then, favorite band. I walked away that night a new fan of Chevelle and to this day still keep it relevant at the gym for workouts. That was in 2003 and haven't seen Chevelle since. As a now 30 year old that grew up in the heyday of Nu-Metal seeing Disturbed and Chevelle together would be like reliving old glory days of 1999-2003 being 13-17 all over again!! In 2000 I was the kid showing all my friends this new CD called "The Sickness". In 2016 I'm the guy with Disturbed over the gym speakers... What a perfect combo of bands to reminisce to!!!


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