When TV sitcoms joke about metal, it goes one of three ways: Making metal the butt of the joke, making a hapless character the butt of the joke, or creating absurdity for a joke. Whether it’s cringe or not, here’s a compilation of metal jokes on sitcoms.

Sitcoms don’t get much more cringy than The Big Bang Theory. The wildly popular CBS series saw two of its main characters head into a goth bar, drinking vodka and cranberries “because it looks like blood.” Both the characters and goths as a whole are fodder in this episode, with two goth girls at the bar playing into stereotypes of self-hatred for the sake of attention.

The Drew Carey Show created a loving montage to rock and metal on one of their old episodes. The boys were looking for musicians to join their band, resulting in artists such as Slash, Dusty Hill, Joe Walsh, Joey Ramone showing off their skills only to get rejected. The funniest moment comes when Dave Mustaine begins to shred for the main Drew Carey characters, only for them to tell Mustaine to “slow down.”

Remember when Carcass was name-dropped on an episode of Friends? It’s weird, but it happened. The gore metal legends were mentioned twice as a running gag about finding a band to play a wedding. It’s not the funniest name drop, but it’s just strange enough to be enjoyable.

Check out When Sitcoms Joke About Metal in the Loud List below.

When Sitcoms Joke About Metal

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