A major portion of the country is being hit with absolutely shockingly cold temperatures. Here in West Texas... eh, not so bad. But, here are the record lows in the three cities the Buzz Adams Morning Show is heard in.

  1. Abilene-7.6°F on January 4th, 1947
  2. El Paso-7.1°F on January 11th, 1962
  3. San Angelo-5.1°F on December 25th, 1983

Now, you might be wondering which of these three cities has the hottest temperature ever recorded. Well, here ya go.

  1. El Paso, 114.1°F on July 1st, 1994
  2. Abilene, 109.9°F which has actually happened twice. Once on July 18th, 1978, and on July 19th, 1980.
  3. San Angelo, also 109.9°F, and it too happened on a couple of days. Once on June 29th, 1994 and also on May 29th, 2011.

And if you want to really get into the heat aspect, El Paso's top 5 hottest days are at the least tied with the other two cities. Here are EP's top 5 hottest days.

  1. 114.1°F on July 1st, 1994
  2. 113°F on June 30th, 1994
  3. 112.1°F on July 11th, 1979
  4. 110.8°F on June 25th, 1978
  5. 109.9°F on June 23rd, 1981


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