So you've been listening and playing the Workforce Payday at 7:30AM, 11:30AM, and 4:30PM, and you've won. What are you going to do with the money?

Pay Bills

This one is obvious, and it's what most of us are doing with the "stimulus checks" we're getting or have already found deposited in our accounts. An extra grand on top of the COVID-19 relief payment would go a long way toward paying down some debt, which is good even if it isn't the most fun thing to do.

Play The Lotto

You could play the lotto with it. I don't know that you should play the lotto with it. Still, if you're looking for entertainment, it's hard to come by right now. Even video game consoles are getting hard to come by for a laundry list of reasons.

Use It To Stuff Your Mattress

Add some president themed padding to your mattress.

Save It For An Even Rainier Day

This would be what I think most of us would do with it. With social distancing guidelines in place, and most businesses remaining closed or short on stock, it's tough to find entertainment or luxury items.

Save the money for when things reopen, or just let it soak up some interest in an account somewhere.

Be a Small Business Robin Hood

Except you're not stealing from the rich to give to the poor. You could spend the money on gift cards. Gift cards right now are a great way to take your patronage to local businesses that can't be fully open right now. Buy some gift cards and save them for when things open back up.

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