So, they're still looking for Tom Brady's Super Bowl LI jersey. And it's gotten to the point that they have filed a police report. And according to that report, they are valuing the jersey at $500K. Or if you want to make it sound really expensive, how about HALF A MILLION DOLLARS. Of course, if I had that kind of money lying around, and it was up for auction, I'd totally buy it. Seriously, it was worn by the greatest quarterback of all time during the greatest Super Bowl comeback of all time.

However, you might think that spending half a million dollars on a jersey is insane. Maybe you'd like to buy something else with that $500K. Something like, let's say, a big-ass house. So I started to look into each city that The Buzz Adams Morning Show is broadcast in -- El Paso, Abilene, San Angelo and Midland -- and see what kind of house you could buy for $500K.

Dude. Seriously. The buildings pictures you're about to see below are the same damn price as a sweaty football jersey. We're living in amazing times.

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