If you're a metal fan, the first thing you probably think of when you hear about Germany is the industrial group Rammstein. But what do everyday German citizens actually think of the band? Following their latest release, "Deutschland," and its theatrical historical video, Easy German made a video compilation asking Germans their opinions of the music. Read some of the highlights from the social experiment below.

The majority of the people interviewed in the video say that Rammstein has had little to no influence on them or their lives, and most of them had not seen the "Deutschland" video, either. They also acknowledge the band's popularity being stronger abroad, especially in the United States.

"The American culture, above all, they have a really, really strong affinity for Rammstein and they just like this, this German thing and they think it's kind of cool, and because it's so foreign, they like that. Not for me personally, but I think Rammstein generally has a bigger influence on the German language in American culture," says one of the participants. Watch the full video below.

Rammstein have been releasing several teasers over the last few weeks to promote their upcoming new album, which will be out May 17.

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