Dave Ramsey is one of the most well known financial advisors in the country. Five of his books on finance have gone to number one on New York Times Best Sellers list.

With COVID-19 being such an unknown entity, our $1200 stimulus checks might be the only source of income some Americans will see.

Now the first question to ask is, is this money going to be THAT helpful.

The next question is: what do we do with that money?

When it comes to your stimulus check he advises:

  1. Food
  2. Utilities
  3. Shelter
  4. Transportation

Those are the first things you need to focus on.

Other things he suggests:

  • Think about your situation
  • Adjust your budget
  • Cuts costs where you can

But most importantly his advice is to keep your spirits up and to not wait for the government to bail you out.

You can watch the video of Dave Ramsey talking about stimulus checks, below.

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