Being a bartender, you hear some crazy things. Here are some of the crazier hangover cures bartenders have heard.

  • You've heard about being dehydrated and getting back electrolytes, so chances are you've tried Gatorade for a hang over. But have you tried Gatorade, mixed with horseradish?
  • Tripe soup. This is how it's listed on Uproxx but anyone in the borderland knows what the ultimate hang over cure is, and it's called MENUDO!
  • Three Aleves and a big glass of water before bed, then a beer RIGHT when wake up the next morning.  I get the hair of the dog with the beer in the morning, but the three Aleves will destroy your liver.
  • Eat a hard boiled egg with shellfish broth, which is similar to chicken broth, but made from seafood.
  • A bartender who spent time in Puerto Rico claims there's an urban legend where you can prevent a hangover by rubbing lemons on your armpits before you start drinking. But I have a feeling this will just make you smell like a janitor.
  • Alka-Seltzer in coconut water.  Which actually sounds half-decent compared to the other ones.

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