According to Bridge by Instructure Inc., a talent management software suite for businesses, employees aren't able to disconnect from work after normal business hours as much as they have been able to before, which leads to a lack of balance in work and personal life.

Here are some numbers that popped up in the companies study of 1,000 office employees:

  • 78 percent of respondents believe working more hours is at least moderately important in getting promoted.
  • More than half of employees believe engaging in workplace politics is an important factor in receiving a promotion.
  • Making yourself look interested in your boss's dumb story? 43 percent of people said that was important.

Now, for the mind blower:

  • On average, office employees watch 77 minutes of TV or Internet videos, PER DAY. Based on the average hourly wage, this means employers are paying their employees about $8,800 a year to watch videos.

While I don't completely agree with wasting company money and watching videos while you're at the office, if you're watching The Buzz Adams Morning Show while we're live on Facebook or YouTube in the morning, well, good job. We appreciate it. Now, here's Buzz getting slapped with a fish.


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