We are officially in Holiday season, which means it's time to really take a look at your budget. There was a survey done by Coinstar, where people answered questions about how they budget and save over the holidays. So of course, take the source of the survey in mind when you see the number one way people budget over the holidays.

  1. 39% of people said they cash in their loose change. Which of course leads you right to a Coinstar machine.
  2. 35% of people will cut back on entertainment expenses like movies and concerts.
  3. 33% of people will go out to eat less.

The biggest holiday expense is pretty obvious... presents. Which is interesting because 74% of us feel obligated to buy gifts when we don't really want to. The top recipients of those gifts are extended family. From cousins to aunts and uncles.

Another holiday expense that most people don't think of is buying new clothes to wear to holiday parties. Don't forget to budget for that.

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