I was pretty good at Super Mario Bros. back in the day. I had all my warp zones down cold. I could corner a Koopa Troopa against a block and keep hopping on it until I got unlimited 1UPs. (Don't worry, I paid for my skill by being a complete loser for the rest of my life. I peaked in fourth grade.)

But these people? These people make everyone look like they're playing Nintendo games with mittens on. Currently, they're beating the entire game (Hammer Bros. and all) in under five minutes.

Kotaku reports that speedrunners have found a glitch in the 31-year-old game that shaves milliseconds off their times, and believe me, those milliseconds matter. As of today (Oct. 10, 2016) the current world record for beating SMB stands at 4:56.878, held by a guy called Darbian.

For perspective, back in 2013, the world record stood at 4:58. It has since been broken three times in just the last month. So, how are they doing it?

Well, you know how there's a flagpole at the end of each level? You jump on it, the flag comes down -- level over, right? It turns out that if you jump just right and press some buttons perfectly, you can grab it without making the flag slide all the way down. Mario just grabs the flagpole and walks off.

To see it, fast-forward to the 0:27 mark in this video of Darbian's winning run -- or, you know, just watch the whole speedrun.

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