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Mother's Day is this weekend and as the world is challenged by the novel coronavirus personal-finance website WalletHub is tracking data which suggests that the growing unemployment rate combined with the high average number of hours worked per week by women make Texas one of the worst states in the U.S. for working moms.


Even with Texas ranked 3rd for quality of daycare, the ratio of female to male executives is one variable that creates particular obstacles for mothers who choose to work full-time simply due to the differences in how women perform tasks as opposed to men.

According to the analysis by WalletHub, Texas is the 3rd worst state for "work-life balance" for working moms. "Work-life balance" takes into consideration the state's parental leave laws, the average number of hours worked per week, and women's average commute time.


For a more detailed look at the report released on Wednesday, May 6th, including the methodology used, click here.

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