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Oh boy, another one

A new UFO sighting over Dallas, Texas was shared Tuesday morning (May 4th) on YouTube and across Reddit. The video depicts several unidentified objects in the sky near Southwest Airlines' flight path.

A curious place to fly.

It looks like a purple object and a blue object, as well as a few other smaller objects, floating about. They don't seem to be heading in a clear direction, leading one to believe they're likely not being operated by intelligent life.

After watching the video several times and reading the comments below it, I'm skeptical as to it being aliens. Sorry, guys. I think the best case scenario is that a bunch of balloons just got away from someone. Maybe they're animal-shaped balloons? I don't know. An octopus and his friend?

The video was shared by UFOJane, a YouTuber dedicated to "real UFO sightings and news from Texas and around the world." It was also posted on r/UFObelievers, a group on Reddit dedicated to the belief in the presence of non-human intelligent life on Earth.

I'm skeptical about most things, and I'm a pretty hard sell for bullshit, but I love to speculate and play the devil's advocate wherever I may.

Humor me, folks.

I'm curious to know what you see and I'd love to hear any feedback and whether or not you think there is something more to this story than some fancy balloons. Comment below or on our FMX Facebook page.

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