I mean, beggars can't be choosers.

The holidays are a time of feasting with friends and family and enjoying some delicious bubbly champagne while you're doing it. But when you're hosting a grand soiree, it can be hard to have enough glasses for an entire party. So many people pick up single-use plastic cups because of their convenience and cost-effective price.

But could those cheap, plastic cups be ruining the taste of your champagne?

A new study out of University of Texas at Austin decided to investigate if the type of glass you drink your bubbly out of could affect the taste. Because apparently that's the type of research you're parents are paying for when they send you to UT Austin. It may have been good research though, because through the research they found the the container you sip your champagne out of does affect the taste.

According to the study author Kyle S. Spratt,

“It turns out the bubble formation process on styrofoam is completely different that on glass. So if you ever have to resort to drinking champagne out of a styrofoam cup, the bubbles will be quite different."

So what does that mean for the popular plastic flutes during the holidays? Same thing. The bubbles from the champagne stick to the sides of the plastic cupped get bigger before they lift off. The more expensive, sparkling wines have smaller, more active bubbles that help the drink have a better taste. When you drink out of a styrofoam or plastic container, the bubbles stick and get bigger which can make it not taste as good.

So at your next holiday gathering, make sure to serve the champagne out of glassware. And give the red wine and beer drinkers those plastic cups.

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