Its not unusual to hear about UFO sightings in Texas. You can do a simple Google search and find hundreds of stories talking about weird lights or shadowy creatures or a weird ship in the sky. This particular story took place last night (Thursday, September 1) in Round Rock, Texas as multiple people got video of five weird lights hovering in the sky then shooting off in almost perfect formation.

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The First Video

All of these videos were shared by Chris Walker through his Twitter account. In total, there are three videos featuring five green lights in a house formation hovering in the sky. This first video features what I think is a Hispanic family wondering what they are looking at.

The Second Video

In the second video shared on Chris Walker's Twitter account, we are in another neighborhood in Round Rock where you can see the same five green lights in their house formation just hovering and chilling in the sky.

The Final Video

The third and final video is where things get interesting. Once again, we are in Round Rock but I can assume in another neighborhood. We see those same five green lights in their house formation. They hover for about seven seconds and then...whoosh...they shoot across the sky from right to left almost in perfect formation.

So what are these lights?

They could certainly be called unidentified flying objects, or UFOs. Could they be aliens? If you're one to believe in that kind of thing, possibly. Could they be drones? I would almost be certain these were a set of drones someone was flying for whatever reason. If someone is an experienced drone pilot, they could control five drones to fly in a simple formation like this. They can fly very fast, too, which would explain their quick exit.

Oh. What did I just freaking see, dude? What was that?

Those are certainly two very good questions. As of this writing, there has been no official response as to what these weird lights were. We probably won't hear anything official, either. Rewatch the above videos and draw your own conclusions.

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