Satanic doo-wop fiends Twin Temple enjoy baptizing their audience members in the blood of the devil. While performing at Brooklyn’s Saint Vitus, the band happened to pick Loudwire’s Graham Hartmann out of the crowd, invoking Babylon for a group ritual.

Twin Temple are one of 2019’s most exciting new bands, mixing classic ‘50s doo-wop with modern day Satanic themes. As legitimate Satanists, Alexandra and Zachary James use magick for religious practice when they’re not writing love songs for the dark lord.

“We led him through the abyss,” Alexandra told us about the ritual. “We blindfolded and bound his wrists to symbolize his ignorance, and then we ritually removed the blindfold and the binds to symbolize his newfound release from the binds of ignorance.”

She continues, “The ritual we did was actually an initiation ritual and it was in the name of Babylon. She’s also called Kali, Ishtar, Astarte… she represents divine creation and destruction. Graham will have to report back and let us know what happens. It’s always something a little bit different. Babylon’s a wild ride, so he’s in for a treat. [laughs]”

Watch Twin Temple’s ritual above and click here to grab a copy of their debut album, Bring You Their Signature Sound...Satanic Doo-Wop.

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