It looks like blink-182 drummer Travis Barker got a new tattoo — of the name of his current romantic interest, reality TV personality Kourtney Kardashian — blasted onto his chest.

TMZ provided the photographic proof on Friday (April 9), a shirtless Barker walking around with "Kourtney" inked in a fancy script just above his left nipple.

The development is perhaps an unsurprising one for a heavily tattooed musician such as Barker. What seems somewhat impressive, however, is that the 45-year-old rocker actually had the space on his body for more tattoos. Alas, TMZ informs us that the name of the famous Kardashian sister appears to be "etched over one of his previous tattoos."

And the tabloid should know. It's the one who captured the drummer and Machine Gun Kelly cohort in Hollywood on a video set for indie artist KennyHoopla. But it also spun the conjecture that Barker's "Kourtney" tat might not be his first dedicated to his new girlfriend.

Last month, Barker shared a video on social media where he's tattooing himself. In the clip, the full extent of the resultant tat is initially obscured. But as the camera zooms in to reveal what the musician's inked on his body, it's revealed that Barker has emblazoned the phrase "You're so cool!" on his leg.

Was the exclamation intended for Kourtney? Regardless, Barker now has an entirely undeniable tribute to Kardashian on his person — after all, how many Kourtneys are there with a K?

Later on Friday, Kardashian actually shared a much more detailed pic of Barker's torso tattoo, her finely manicured hand in frame for good measure. And, indeed, it can clearly be seen that the fresh kiss of "Kourtney" on the drummer's chest goes over some of his faded ink from the past — it's directly adjacent to Barker's Cadillac chest piece, one of his most recognizable tattoos. [via PopCrush]

You're never too old to get a new tattoo, right? For a guy with as many tats as Barker, this a clear way for Barker to show his dedication to the new lady in his life.

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