The body is a canvas, and the heavily tatted Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker is always up for some fresh ink. He's recently added some new pieces, including face and knee tattoos, to his growing collection of body art.

Earlier this month, Barker visited Chuey Quintanar for a late night tattoo session in which he added spiderweb and skull tattoos to his knees. Watch a bit of video of Barker getting inked during that session in his Instagram posts below.

Then, earlier this week, Barker returned for some more ink, this time from tattoo artist Dr. Woo, as he added a rose to the side of his face, slightly below a cross tattoo and close to his ear and jawline. Barker apparently is fond of the rose tattoo as he has a few others tattooed on other parts of his body.

Barker has remained one of the busiest musicians going, even with the pandemic slowing many artists down. In addition to his huge year collaborating with Machine Gun Kelly, he's also resumed work with Blink-182, who are now eyeing a late 2020 or early 2021 EP following 2019's Nine album.

In addition, Barker also provided narration recently for the upcoming Downfalls High musical that was inspired by Machine Gun Kelly's Tickets to My Downfall album that Barker produced. That's expected to arrive in January and Barker recently teased a trailer for the project that can be viewed below.

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