We know … patience is a difficult virtue to put into action when it comes to the subject of Tool's next album. Tool followers haven't been gifted with new material since the band unleashed '10,000 Days' in 2006, but fans remain hopeful that 2013 will host the release of a new Tool record. During a recent interview with a New Zealand publication, drummer Danny Carey and vocalist Maynard James Keenan spoke about the progress of the new album and Tool's songwriting process.

In a conversation with Rip it Up, Carey offered a much-desired update regarding Tool's next offering. "Maynard deals with the lyrical content." says the drummer, "He’s been pretty busy with his wine and other projects lately, but right now it’s just Justin and Adam and I working on things and, you know, little bits and pieces, lots of musical things."

The drummer continues to describe his current musical endeavors. "I’ve been playing lots of fusiony and jazz stuff lately with a band called Volto! and playing with some old jazz cats at the Baked Potato here in town, it’s like a famous jazz club here. I’ve been trying to get lots of new musical input into my system so I can have new influences popping out in that way, more than in a lyrical way."

Maynard James Keenan commented on balancing Tool, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer while running a vineyard and maintaining a happy family life. "Well with the wine – it’s attached – it’s basically part of my house," Keenan explains. "And it’s just my wife and I that work it. We have a neighbor friend of ours that cleans up after me, but for the most part, the wine making, the cellar work… it’s close to home, so when I am working on any kind of music in terms of writing and recording, especially with Puscifer it’s right here… and then I pop over to LA and pop into a studio or a friends space over there: it’s easy to keep your head straight in that respect.  When it comes to writing with Tool and A Perfect Circle it’s a whole different process and, uh, that requires a whole different set of patience."

Stay tuned for further updates on Tool's upcoming album as news breaks. It's tough, but hang in there!